Ad Wizard

The Ad Wizard guides you through a simple step-by-step process to produce an Ad Builder ad.

This step-by-step wizard guides users through each element within a template. This means that ads can be created without ever stepping into the Ad Builder IDE.

To achieve this, a list of predefined templates have been created that can be customized through the Wizard.

Once you have selected to use the Ad Wizard, you will first need to save the project to a campaign (this allows for linkage to any videos to use in your project).

Choose the Format, then Size.

Then you will be taken to the Template list to choose from. This provides you with a preview of each template.

On clicking 'Customize', you will then be able to edit each of the items in the ad.

The first option is to provide your ad with a name. Pages then show their items listen within.

Once you have finished setting up your ad, you can either open it in the normal Ad Builder IDE or export it to the Ad Builder export page.

From this page you will be able to download your complete Ad Builder zip, for uploading to the Creative Interface.