The welcome screen

The welcome screen is displayed after first logging in to the Ad Builder. It can be opened at any time from within the workspace by selecting 'Open' (which will open the Welcome screen on the campaign & project list) or by selecting 'New' from the menu:

Recent Projects
Template List
Open Project
Log out

A. Recent Projects

This allows for easy access to recent campaigns by listing the last few projects you have been working on. Click on any item to open it in the workspace.

B. Template List

This shows the available templates that you can use as a starting point for a new project. Templates are categorised so you can pick the basic functionality you are looking for.

C. Open Project

This will open the Campaign List, displaying any previously saved Ad Builder projects. The campaigns displayed are replicated from the list of campaigns from your Creative Interface login.

D. Log out

Click this to be logged out from the Ad Builder and taken back to the Login screen.