The Timeline

The timeline controls the playback of the ad. Displaying items in layers, using frames and keyframes for animations and actions to control the playback behaviour.


When an item is dragged onto the stage, a new layer for that item is automatically generated in the timeline. The layer will have a keyframe from the position of the playhead at the point the item was placed on stage and display filled purple frame to display that the item is present from then on.

Layers can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging on an item’s name on the left of the timeline.

Duplicate Layer - This will copy an entire layer, including all of the keyframes and animations, to create a new layer.

Show/Hide Layers Toggle - You can hide any layer by unchecking under the 'hide/show layers' icon.

Lock Layers Toggle - You can lock any layer so it cannot be edited by checking under the 'lock/unlock layers' icon


The Ad Builder timeline shows the total amount of time in your project, broken into frames. Extra frames are automatically added if you increase the time length of the ad in the page settings.

Frames display the status of the item at that point in time. Purple frames indicate that the item is stationary. Orange frames indicate that the item is animating from one point to another (known as a tween). Black keyframes show that the item is not being displayed at that time. Each frame inherits the properties set from the keyframe before it.


Keyframes allow you to change the status and add animations to items. Double-click to add a new keyframe to a layer. You can only edit an item on the stage when the playhead is on a keyframe. Any changes of state between two keyframes will automatically be set up as a tween. Single click a keyframe to bring up the properties for it. Using these properties you can change the behaviour of that keyframe and the fames that follow it.

Actions Layer

The Actions layer is in every Ad Builder project. It does not contain any items on stage, but instead allows you to set custom actions to the playback of your exported ad. These include, stop, gotoAndPlay and loop. Add a keyframe by double-clicking in the actions layer.


This shows the current position in the timeline currently being displayed on the stage. Click anywhere on the timeline to move the playhead to that time. You can also drag the playhead along the timeline.

Playback controls

To play through the timeline, click the Play button. While playing, this will switch to a pause button that will allow you to pause at any point. Skip to the end or start of the timeline by clicking the Skip buttons. Move forward or backwards one frame by clicking the Forward/Back One Frame buttons.