Pages are used in the Ad Builder to switch between different animations and states. Extra pages allow the user to see different animations or open an expand panel.

Page controls

A page has its own timeline and stage. You can set up navigation between pages using timeline controls and click actions.

Editing the Page Properties of a new page to make it larger than the original page automatically sets up your project as an expand ad. More information is available in the Properties section.

Adding and deleting a page

To add a new page, click the plus icon. You will be instantly taken to the new page for you to start your animation.

If the page is not the original page (so has been added) you can delete it by clicking the trashcan icon.

Duplicating a Page

To duplicate a page click the duplicate page icon. This will make a copy of the current page with all of the actions and components to create a new page.

Change currently displayed page

Using the drop down box, pick which page to display. Selecting a different page will load up that page in the workspace.

Adding navigation between pages

Navigation between pages can easily be set up using actions. Either using click actions in the properties of any item, by using the 'Go to Page' setting (more information in the Properties section) or using the 'Go to Page' setting in the properties of any Timeline action (more information in the Timeline section).