Menu bar

The menu bar provides many actions relating to your current Ad Builder project.


This opens a selection of options in an application menu, including New, Open, Save and Save As.


If saving for the first time, you will be prompted to select a campaign and name your project.


This will open a 'Quick Preview' of your ad, so you can easily view any changes made in a published version of your project.

The Action Manager

This opens the action manager, which is used to control the items, playback and interactivity of your ad.


This will save & publish your project into a Flashtalking HTML5 ad zip and display this ad on the export page. See more in the section for the Export Page.


This brings up the Assert Management panel, which allows you to upload new assets into your project. See more in the section for Assets.

Help Guide

This brings up the Help Guide for more information on all of the Ad Builder features.