Ad Builder

Welcome to the User Guide for the Flashtalking Ad Builder. The Ad Builder is a browser-based tool that allows users to build rich media ads for the Flashtalking platform.


Designed to be easy to use and familiar for any users of design and animation tools, users can create animations and use components to easily add in extra functionality to their ad.

Using the Flashtalking Ad Builder, users can easily build rich media ads, designed to be automatically compatible across all devices and browsers, all without writing a line of code.

Projects are built within Ad Builder, comprising of tools to upload and manage assets, a stage on which to position elements, a timeline to control animation and simple, drag & drop components to ad rich media elements such as videos and dynamically updatable items, automatically linked into the Flashtalking Instant Ads system.

Quick Guide

  • Page properties are displayed when no item is selected.
  • Drag an item from the assets and component panels to set up a new layer.
  • Edit an item by either using the stage or the properties panel.
  • Double-click in the timeline to add a keyframe.
  • Move an item on stage to set up animations between keyframes.
  • Click on a keyframe to set properties.
  • The actions layer controls the main playback of the ad.
  • Nothing is saved until you click 'save' or 'export'.
  • Click actions can be applied to any item except videos.
  • Set up any item to be an instant ads variable by ticking the instant ads box on any item (text,image, or clicktag).
  • Add a new page and change the stage size to instantly make an expand ad.
  • Download the zip from the export page and upload it to the Creative Interface (this will be automated in future).