Upload custom fonts

The Ad Builder features a custom font converter that can be used to make your fonts available for the full range of filetypes required to display your ad across devices and browsers. Please note that the font converter can only be used for Open Source fonts or fonts that you have the correct license to distribute in this way. Converted fonts are only available under your own login.

Open the Font Uploader panel

To open the Custom Font Uploader, click the 'Menu' icon and select 'Upload Custom Font'. This will open the Asset Manager on the fonts tab.

Alternatively the Font Uploader can be accessed from the Asset Manager directly.

Upload A Font

A font can be uploaded by either clicking on the 'Browse for a file' button, or by dragging and dropping a font onto the file upload area at the top of the Asset Manager. Multiple fonts can be uploaded at once this way. You can upload fonts in either .ttf or .otf format.

Converting Fonts

Once uploaded, your font will be converted into the various formats required for display in HTML5. Once this process is complete you will be able to use the font in Ad Builder.

Editing and Deleting a Font

When your font is available for use in Ad Builder, you can delete it by clicking on the trash icon, or edit the font to export only a sub-set of characters. This will decrease the final file size of the exported ad.

Character Selection

Clicking on the edit font icon opens the Font Editor Panel which allows specific characters of a font to be selected. The preview of the final font and its characters is displayed below the export options.