Assets are images that you upload to the Ad Builder to use while building your ad. They are uploaded into the Asset Manager, accessed by clicking the Assets button in the Menu Bar.

Using Assets

Once your assets are uploaded, they will be available in the Assets Panel, where they can be dragged and dropped onto the Stage. Once an asset is on stage it is set up as an item on stage, given a new layer in the Timeline and can be animated using keyframes.

The Asset Manager

After logging in and opening your new project, click the Assets button in the Menu Bar to open up the Asset Manager.

The Asset Manager panel allows you to upload, manage and view assets in your project. Assets that are uploaded and saved on a per-project basis. It has options for uploading assets and also displays a list of all currently uploaded assets.

Uploading Assets

To upload a new Asset, either click the 'Browse' button, to open up the upload dialogue panel or use the Drag & Drop utility.

When you select or drop files onto the panel, the items are immediately added to the Asset list and the upload progress is displayed:

Managing Assets

The Asset Manager displays all currently uploaded assets to your campaign. By default, assets are displayed in a grid, providing a small preview of each. To view the assets in a list, click the List View button:

By clicking on any item in the list or grid, you can view a full size preview of the asset:

Filter through the grid or list by typing in the filter:

Remove any asset from the list by clicking on the dustbin icon

The Assets Panel

The Assets Panel in the workspace displays all assets uploaded to your project. Assets can be dragged and dropped from here onto the stage to add them as new items on the stage and timeline.

Items can then be positioned and animated using the Stage, Properties panel and Timeline.