Ad Builder animations are an easy way to create individual animations within pages. Animations have their own timeline, actions and components.

The Animations Panel

The panel to manage animations can be found next to the assets panel in the sidebar. To switch to the animation panel simply click the Animations tab.

From here animations can be created, selected to edit and deleted. To get started click the 'Create A New Animation' button at the bottom of the panel, this will automatically create a new animation, add it to the list of animations in the panel and take you straight to the animation page ready to edit.

Editing Animations

Once the animation is selected (by clicking on the animation in the panel) you can edit the animation and add components to it as though it were a unique page. Components, images, actions and other timeline tweens and animations can all be added to the animation page.

Using Animations

Once the animation has been created, it can then be added to a page much like any other component. Simply drag and drop the animation from the animations panel onto the stage and it will automatically be added to your page with the correct dimensions.