The action manager

The action manager is used to control the items, playback and interactivity of your ad. The manager can be accessed from the Actions option on the main menu bar.

Adding a new Action

To add a new action, click the '+ Add New Action' button. This will then create the new Action and open a panel on the right hand side for you to start building the action. Until you fill in all of the details required to build an action, it will be an incomplete action and will not be exported as part of the ad.

Building an Action

To Build an action, simply follow the steps in the manager on the left. As you build your action, it is automatically set up and updated.

'When I ...' - This is the initial action of the user.

'On ...' - this is the item you have on stage - using the item's name from the properties panel.

'Then ...' - This is the resulting action to take from the user's action on the item.

The following options are then dependent on the item and the resulting action.

Managing Actions

You can view an Action by clicking on it. Any actions can be deleted by clicking the delete icon. Changing any action automatically updates it.